Lemon Basil Lemonade

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I love lemonade! Imagine sitting on the porch or relaxing near a pool, sipping on a lovely cold Lemon Basil Lemonade. Here’s another delicious and refreshing blend of lemonade that I think you’ll like it too! Remember in my recipe for Lemon-Thyme Lavender Lemonade? I shared how to make a simple syrup. With this simple [...]

Watermelon Mint Shake

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This refreshing Watermelon Mint Shake made with juicy watermelon, and cooling mint will help you beat the summer heat! Watermelon and mint are a match made in heaven when it comes to warm weather. Did you know that sweet, juicy pink watermelon is high in lycopene and vitamins but has zero fat or cholesterol? Mint [...]

Cinnamon Date Tea

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Red Dates, also known as Jujube dates, are one of the most popular health foods among the Chinese and Korean people. There are so many health benefits in Red Dates. You can eat them, make tonics, or boil them to make tea. Drinking Cinnamon Date Tea not only is a tasty warm drink to enjoy [...]