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Corn Picadillo

Corn Picadillo Empanadas

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Corn Picadillo Empanadas

These Corn Picadillo Empanadas made a wonderful dinner for the whole family to enjoy! Picadillo (pee-cah-DEE-yo) is a combination of ground or finely chopped beef with vegetables (and sometimes fruit) for a versatile stew or filling enjoyed throughout Latin America. An empanada (ehm-pah-NAH-thah) is a baked or fried pastry, filled with either meat, vegetables, or

Cool Kids Cook Radio Show #46 Year Anniversary Interview with Chef Paul Prudhomme – Monday, July 29, 2013

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Hey Young Chefs! I am so excited because today is the one year anniversary of my Cool Kids Cook radio show on VoiceAmerica Kids. Woo hoo! To celebrate, I interview the legendary chef, Paul Prudhomme. Chef Paul Prudhomme is an internationally recognized name in the culinary industry. He is a television star, a cookbook author,