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Let’s Get Cookin’ Radio Show #2 – Interview with Chef Daniel Esses

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Now, I’m excited to introduce my special guest, Chef Daniel Esses of Dryades Public Market and Three Muses. Chef Daniel Esses, a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York, brings together his culinary experiences to create innovative, enticing dishes that are deceivingly straightforward and simple, while carefully unmasking and enhancing the natural [...]

Cool Kids Cook #132 – Interview with Mark Bitterman

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Now, I’m excited to introduce our 4th Anniversary special guest, Selmelier Mark Bitterman. A leading expert on artisan-made salt, chocolate, and cocktail bitters, Selmelier Mark Bitterman has clientele ranging from top chefs to food manufacturers to home cooks. The selmelier is to salt what the sommelier is to wine, providing information and expertise that helps [...]