“Cool Kids Cook” Radio Show

Listen to Cool Kids Cook on Voice America Kids. New shows air on Mondays at 7pm ET.


Kid Chef Eliana’s Taste Award-winning radio show, “Cool Kids Cook,” is on the VoiceAmerica Kids Network. The VoiceAmerica network is the Internet’s largest talk radio network and has over 9 million monthly listeners from around the world. The show airs on Mondays at 7pm ET (4pm PT, 6pm CT).

Taste Award 2013 Honoree

Information about Kid Chef Eliana:
Kid Chef Eliana is an award-winning 14-year-old celebrity chef, cookbook author, and radio show host. Eliana’s first cookbook, Eliana Cooks! Recipes for Creative Kids debuted in 2010. Her second Parents’ Choice Approved and International Latino Book Award-winning cookbook, Cool Kids Cook: Louisiana, released in 2013 and her third cookbook, Cool Kids Cook: Fresh & Fit, released in 2014. Her weekly radio show, “Cool Kids Cook,” on VoiceAmerica Kids won a Taste Award. The show’s notable guests include: Chef José Andres, Chef John Besh, Chef Paul Prudhomme, former White House Executive Pastry Chef Bill Yosses, and Andrew Zimmern. As the IFCO Youth Produce Ambassador, the SoFAB Institute Kids Ambassador, and the Crescent City Farmer’s Market Marketeer Ambassador, Eliana’s mission is to encourage kids to eat fresh and become culinary explorers. As Eliana always says, “Cool kids cook and get creative in the kitchen!”

Broadcast Information:
The show is recorded live to tape on Thursdays, and broadcasts on the following Monday at 7pm EDT on VoiceAmerica Kids. The show airs the Monday following the recording at 4pm PT, 6pm CDT, 7pm EDT.

The show is divided into four segments, with three commercial breaks. Kid Chef Eliana interviews the guest for the first two 10-12 minute segments. We ask all guests to be prepared to share an easy recipe for kids to make, send us a review copy of any books or products you want to promote, and a book/product for a giveaway. We love for our guests to share their websites and any upcoming news. If you have a food-related product or book, we want our listening audience to hear about it.