Let’s Get Cookin’ Radio Show #1 – Interview with Lori Gremillion

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Now, I’m excited to introduce my very first guest, Lori Gremillion of Magic Mike Spices.

Lori is a mom, juggler of three tiny humans. She’s the Magic Mike’s sales rep, delivery person, shelf stocker, food prepper, demonstration expert, social media princess, and brand keeper. She is a problem solver, advice giver, friend of many and a healthy life full of peppers promoter. She’s a majestic unicorn lover, with a stampeding turtle mindset. It’s my hair, I don’t care what you think kinda Queen. A music lover, grass mower, and free Icee giver. She feels lucky to wake up everyday and chase her wildest dreams.

“Figure Out This Food!”
I have a game on my Facebook page called “Figure Out This Food.” I post a close-up of a food item and the first three guesses get a shout-out here. Congratulations to Randy Zelinka for guessing “Rice.”

“Creative Cuisine”
Hey young chefs! This is Kid Chef Eliana and it’s time for “Creative Cuisine.” This is a recipe for my Vegan Jambalaya.”

Bon Appetit,
Kid Chef Eliana

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