Cool Kids Cook #128 – Interview with Chef Amy Lipton

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Now, I’m thrilled to introduce our special guest, Amy Lipton of Joyful Kitchen.

Joyful Kitchen Cooking School

JOYFUL KITCHEN IS A BOUTIQUE COOKING SCHOOL. Whether it’s taking a culinary journey around the globe, creating a repertoire of simple, fast, and healthy dishes, or exploring new flavors and culinary delights… Joyful Kitchen helps people find their food joy. Joyful Kitchen offers small group cooking classes in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Chef Amy Lipton helps people develop their cooking skills, boost their comfort and confidence level in the kitchen, and discover more pleasure in preparing and sharing good food. Chef Amy has spent the past 21+ years in and out of the professional cooking industry. She completed her formal training at Peter Kump Cooking School in NYC, now The Institute of Culinary Education, in Classic French Cooking, and received a Culinary Arts Diploma in 1993. She apprenticed at The James Beard House assisting visiting chefs with their showcase dinners. While living in Tokyo, Japan, she owned and operated a full-service catering business. While her formal training is grounded in classic French technique, she continued her global culinary studies by traveling and training in Japan, Thailand, China, India, Italy, and France. This learning process continues – expanding Chef Amy’s understanding of food cultures, traditions and flavors wherever she ventures.

“A Tisket A Tasket What’s Inside My Basket?”
Today’s secret ingredient is Cucumber.

Here is my recipe for Sesame Cucumber and Cherry Tomato Summer Salad.” This summer salad is super fresh and quick to make!

“Figure Out This Food!”
I post a close-up of a food item and the first three guesses get a shout-out here. Congratulations to Randy Zelinka, Stacie Moreno Jaufre, and Aimee Davis Herrera for guessing “Zephyr summer squash.”

Zephyr Summer Squash

Zephyr Summer Squash

“Snacktivity Time”
It’s Snacktivity Time! Here, I give you fun easy breezy snack ideas. Today’s Snacktivity is… Homemade Banana Yogurt.”

“Creative Cuisine”
This is a recipe for my Chorizo and Yellow Squash Enchiladas.” This is a very involved recipe, but it tastes so good and is worth the wait.

“Kitchen Crafts!”
Here is a fun kitchen-related craft. Today’s kitchen craft is how to make a “Burlap Mason Jar Tealight Holder.”

Burlap Mason Jar Tealight Holder

Burlap Mason Jar Tealight Holder

1 Mason jar
1 2-1/4″ wide burlap long enough to wrap around the mason jar
1 piece of lace long enough to wrap around the mason jar
Glue gun

Step 1: Place a couple of dollops of hot glue on the middle of the mason jar.
Step 2: Wrap the burlap around the mason jar and press into the glue, being careful not to burn yourself.
Step 3: Place a couple of small dollops of hot glue on the middle of the burlap, and wrap the lace around the burlap, pressing the lace into the glue.
Step 4: Place tealight inside jar. Light and enjoy.

That’s all for this week!

Bon Appetit,
Kid Chef Eliana

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