Cool Kids Cook #124 Interview with Jenny Dirksen

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Our special guest is Jenny Dirksen, the national culinary director of No Kid Hungry.

Every kid. Healthy food. Every day. That’s the promise of No Kid Hungry, a campaign of national anti-hunger organization Share Our Strength. And that’s how they vow to end childhood hunger, by ensuring that no matter the time of day, or time of year, they’ll be there for kids. No Kid Hungry connects children in need to programs like school breakfast and summer meals, and teaches low-income families to cook healthy, affordable foods. Working together with local organizations around the country, they generate the will and skill to help communities feed children in need every day of the year.

“A Tisket A Tasket What’s Inside My Basket?”
Today’s secret ingredient is Kale.

Here is my recipe for Sauteéd Kale with Arugula.” This is simple and delicious!

“Figure Out This Food!”
I have a game on my Facebook page called “Figure Out This Food.” I post a close-up of a food item and the first three guesses get a shout-out here. Congratulations to Patricia Miera and Shannon Breaux for guessing “Pattypan squash.”

Pattypan Squash

“Snacktivity Time”
Here, I give you fun easy breezy snack ideas. Today’s Snacktivity is…Watermelon Mint Shake.” This shake is so refreshing and tasty!

“Creative Cuisine”
This is a recipe for my Pan-Fried Basil Potatoes.” This dish packs a ton of flavor with such a simple recipe.

“Kitchen Crafts!”
Here is a fun kitchen-related craft. Today’s kitchen craft is how to make “Flameless Candles.”

Flameless Candle

1 straw
Fuzzy stick

Step 1: Cut the straw to 4 inches long.
Step 2: Cut the fuzzy stick to 3 inches long.
Step 3: Wrap the fuzzy stick around a pencil, creating a spiral.
Step 4: Place the fuzzy stick inside one end of the straw.
Step 5: Place the other end of the straw inside a cupcake or cake and you have a flameless but festive candle!

That’s all for this week!

Bon Appetit,
Kid Chef Eliana

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